Kyle Chalmers

Kyle Chalmers

Name: Kyle Chalmers

DOB: 25/06/1998

Club: Norwood

Main Event: 50 and 100 Freestyle and 50 and 100 Butterfly

Career Highlight: 2012 Australian Age Championships winning 5 gold medals and breaking 4 Australian Age records

Hobbies: Football, fishing and swimming

Goals for 2012/2013: To swim well at the Trans Tasman - Australia vs New Zealand and to continue to improve and enjoy swimming.

Sporting Idol: Swimming Idol - Geoff Huegill and Non swimming idol - Leroy Jetter (Essendon Football Player)

Favourite Quote: "You owe it to yourself to be the best you can possibly be". Frank Robinson

What does an average week look like for Kyle Chamlers?

My life is extremely busy being an elite level swimmer, training anywhere between 6 to 10 sessions per week dependent on the time of the year. I believe that being able to manage your swimming commitments, social life and education is crucial in maintaining a healthy successful life.

My average week consists of 7 swimming sessions and 2 football training's, and attending school 5 days a week. By the time it gets to the weekend I can be quite tired and due for a rest however I like to use the weekends to chill out with mates and to take your mind off of the pressures of swimming. Saturday morning is usually either my last swimming training of the week or I have a game of football dependent on the time of the year. This gives me a large chunk of my weekends to hang out with mates, do some homework and still spend time with my family who are my number one supporters and have helped me every step of the way to get me to where I am today.

How do you manage to balance school and swimming?

I am currently in year 11 at Immanuel College in Adelaide, as I only have 2 years left it’s getting serious which means more homework. The school has been very supportive with my sporting endeavors and have allowed for me to have two study lines a week in order to complete my homework during school hours. This has been very helpful for me as I am able to still train as much as I normally would and get enough sleep each night.

Having a balanced ‘social’ life is important also, how do you find time to do it all and what can we find you doing when away from the pool and classroom?

Australian Rules football is also a big part of my life. My father was an AFL player so I have grown up loving to watch and play the sport. Due to swimming commitments I am only able to play for Immanuel College, which Dad is the coach of the first 18’s. I really enjoy being able to play another sport as it helps me take my mind off of swimming and participate in a team sport. Although swimming is my main sport I still enjoy being able to spend my Saturday mornings playing football with my best mates and I will keep playing for a couple more years.

Spending time with family is really important to me as they spend so much of their time driving me around to training's and competitions. They have done so much for me in my life helping me to get to where I currently am in the Swimming World and I am very grateful for what they have done. I also have very loving and caring Grandparents who travel around Australia to watch me swim, every time there is a competition in Adelaide they are over here watching me compete as well which really helps me and my family out.

Friends are another essential part to my life. Without friends and a social life you can get quite bored, I have great friends that are very supportive of my swimming career and they have all helped me quite a lot to get me where I am today. I enjoy being able to spend my weekends with my mates and hanging out with them. Most of my mates are all sports lovers so we tend to find some sort of sport to go and watch every weekend. I am a mad sports lover, and I go to almost every Port Adelaide Football Club and Adelaide United home games. I also go to watch the basketball when that is on as well. Most of my mates love these sports/teams as well and we all go to the games together which is awesome.

And when you get time to completely relax, what do you like to get up to?

When I have a free weekend or have no big swimming competitions in the school holidays, I enjoy being able to go back home to the country in Port Lincoln. Port Lincoln is about 7 hours’ drive away from Adelaide and is the place I grew up. I moved to Adelaide when I was 13 years old for swimming and for more opportunities. The Port Lincoln community have done so much for me over my short career and have been big supporters of my swimming. I love going back home and seeing all of my family and friends and training with the West Coast swimming club, where my swimming career began when I was 9 years old.

We love having you apart of the Engine Team, how important is the support from sponsors and SASI to your success and development as an athlete?

Engine has been a big help in my life and I really enjoy being able to represent them in my everyday life! The products that they make are awesome and I enjoy being able to wear their products day in day out. Without their ongoing support I would not be where I am today and I owe a lot to them and am very grateful for what they have done for me over the past 3 years. Swimming Australia, Swimming South Australia and SASI have also helped me significantly in building me as a swimmer. I have swam for 3 clubs in the past 7 years and all of my coaches have  helped me massively in teaching me new things to keep me improving as an athlete and as a person in general. I am currently a member of the Marion Swimming Club and train at the South Australian Aquatic and Leisure Centre, this is great as I am able to train in the best facilities in the country and it is only a very short drive from my house and school. Without the help from Engine and the organisations I have mentioned and the opportunity’s I have been given I would not be the swimmer I am today and I am very thankful for everything that has been done for me over the past 7 years of my life.

With Rio in sight it’s important to take it competition by competition. What are your plans for the rest of this year?

Being able to manage my swimming, school and having a social life I feel is very important and I will continue to make sure that I manage my life well in order to stay happy and healthy. All of these things are very important to me and my sporting endeavors and I’m very thankful for them all. This year I’m aiming to get selected on another Australian youth team to either travel to Singapore or Samoa, both of these swimming competitions will be a great experience for me as I look to build my swimming career and hopefully crack onto a senior Australian team in the coming years. 

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