The engine Culture


Throughout the season Engine attends multiple swimming, surf and triathlon events.  With two concept vehicles, including the big black motor home, we are able to set up just about anywhere there is water and competition.  At these events we provide sponsorships, support and a busy retail space.  Usually on these days bargains can be snapped up.


We take pride in the partnerships we have formed with many swim and surf clubs around Australia.  They are a true reflection into the cultural side of our brand.  To become a partner of our unique brand contact us ASAP to see what we can do for your team.  We're also searching for the best team pics, so send yours in now.


Since 2004 Engine has supported many talented young athletes who have gone on to become Olympic and World Champions.  Out athletes are a unique group who boast enormous talent and character and are a true reflection of our brand and aspirations.


Our general gallery is a collection of material we have collated from our beginnings. A collection of the past & present.