Adam Palmer

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Club: Maroochydore

Coach: The Bug Lord / Rhys Drury

Instagram Handle: @_palmeradam

Favourite Event: Ironman and the super lifesaver

Personal Best Results: 3rd u17 Ironman Aussies Titles 2018

                                         1st u17 Swim Teams Aussies Titles 2018

                                        1st u17 Board Relay Aussies Titles 2018                                   

Goals for this Season: Medal at World titles and Aussies 2018/19

Long Term Goal: Make the Nutri-Grain final

Weekly Training Schedule: Swim = 5 times a week

                                                   Boards = 2 times a week

                                                   Ski = 3 times a week

                                                   Gym = 3 times week

Favourite Training session: Ironman sessions Saturday morning

Favourite Engine Product (and why): Turbine Googles, because they are comfortable and anit-fog.

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport: Fortnite on PS4

Best Advise you have received: Go hard

Mentors: Lonzo Ball (BBB) and Lebron James and Nathan Greg (Bugsy)

Favourite Quote: Throw me into a pack of wolves and I will come out the leader (Drury)



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