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Club:Alexandra Headland, Sunshine Coast Paddle Club
Coach: Anna Wood
Favourite Event: Ski, 500m K1, K2 and K4
Major Achievements:2016 Australian Olympic Team
                                                8th K2 500m 2016 Rio Olympics
                                                2018 Open Ski World Champion
                                                2017 U23 K1 1000m World Champion

Short Term Goal: 2019 Australian Sprint Kayak team,               international medals
Long Term Goal: 2020 Olympic Team
Training Program: Paddle 2 times a day, gym 4 times a week, 1-2 cross train
Favourite Engine Product: Backpack, everyone loves a good backpack, plenty of room, great for travel and competition days

Favourite Food: Mexican (But I love trying to cook new things!)
Favourite Past Time (outside of your sport): Being a firefighter, cooking, surfing

Best Advise you have received: Your body will do whatever you tell it too…but you have to listen to your body too.
Favourite Quote: Strive to ‘be better’ everyday, in everything that you do.


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