Ben Blakeney

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Club: Freshwater SLSC / Carlile Swimming Club

Coach: Aaron Thomson / Justin Rothwell

Instagram Handle: @benjibla

Favourite Event: Surf Race

Personal Best Results: Aussies surf race final U/19s and belt race medal at Aussies and State.

Goals for this Season: Open surf race final at Aussies, Ironman final at state.

Long Term Goal: Representative teams

Weekly Training Schedule: 6 swim sessions, 5 surf sessions, 3 gym sessions.

Favourite Training session: Saturday morning pool and gym. The squad is a great size and good fun, with a circuit gym session and solid pool session following, it’s a great start to the weekend!

Favourite Engine Product (and why): Club cuts, they are so comfy and work for everything!

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport: Catching up with mates and eating

Best Advise you have received: Start the way you want to finish / Train with a purpose

Mentors: Mum, she always supporting me, believing in me and providing me with the opportunities to be my best.

Favourite Quote: Excuses will always be there for you, opportunities won’t.


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