Callum Brennan

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Club: Currumbin SLSC

Coach: Michael King, Tim Peach, John Brennan, Nick Pedrazzini (Pool)

Instagram Handle: callum_brenno

Favourite Event: Swim, Ironman and Pool Rescue

Personal Best Results: Australian and Queensland Medallist in Pool Rescue (various events), 7th in Surf Race and 6th in the 2km Beach Run at Australian Youth Championships, Queensland Champion in U14 Champion Lifesaver, 3rd in Queensland Endurance Championships in 4km Beach Run.

Goals for this Season: Medal at the Australian Pool Rescue Championships, make selection in the Point Danger Branch Team.

Long Term Goal: Medal at the Queensland State Youth and Australian Youth Championships.

Weekly Training Schedule: 7 x Pool Sessions, 2 x Boards, 2 x Ironman sessions.

Favourite Training session: Ironman training

Favourite Engine Product (and why): Iron Jammers as they are super comfortable to train and race in.

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport: Mountain bike riding and going surfing.

Best Advise you have received: Focus on what you can control, like the effort you put in, and don’t waste energy on the things you cannot control.

Mentors: Ali Day and John Brennan

Favourite Quote: Success isn’t given, it is earned.


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