Ethan Williams

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Club: St Peters Western

Coach: John Gatfield

Instagram Handle: ethan_williamz1215

Favourite Event: 100m &200m Butterfly

Personal Best Results: Gold 200m Butterfly at states 2 years in a row, Gold in 200m Butterfly Age Nationals 2017.

Goals for this Season: To stay in the top 3 in the State and get top 3 in the country for nationals 2019. Also to improve my times heaps.

Long Term Goal: To make the Australian team and represent my country in international competitions.

Weekly Training Schedule: 9 sessions a week

Monday: (AM) 1h gym - 1.5h swim, (PM) 3h swim.

Tuesday: (AM) 2.5h swim, (PM) 3h swim.

Wednesday: (AM) 2.5h swim.

Thursday: (AM) 2.5h swim, (PM) 3h swim.

Friday: (AM) 1h gym - 1.5h swim.

Saturday: (AM) 3h swim - 1h gym.

Favourite Training session: 8x50’s Main stroke, PB +0.5 seconds.

Favourite Engine Product (and why): The Engine Wingskin C6 because out of all the the race suits I have tried; they suit and fit me the best.

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport: Hanging out with friends when I’m not sleeping.

Best Advice you have received: Focus on how you swim your race, the times will speak for themselves and medals are just a bonus.

Mentors: Coaches; John Gatfield, Maxi Seear, Dean Boxall, Stewart Melton

Favourite Quote: Winners never quit and quitters never win.



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