Finn Askew

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Club: Tacking Point SLSC Port Macquarie

Coach: Tony Hudson {swimming}, and when I’m on the Gold Coast Zayne the head coach from Surfers Paradise SLSC

Instagram Handle: finn.askew 740 followers

Favourite Event: Ironman and the Swim

Personal Best Results: 1st in the NSW interbranch Swim, u/17s

4th in NSW State Swim u/17s

5th in NSW State ironman u/17s

Goals for this Season: Aussies: Medal in swim and iron

Coolangatta Gold: Top 8 in u/19s short course

NSW State: Win iron and Swim

NSW Interbranch: Place in all water events

Make the NSW/NSW Country Team

Long Term Goal: Open Coolangatta Gold Champion

Qualify and win the Ironman series

Represent Australia

Weekly Training Schedule: 5 swim, 2 run, 1gym, 2 ski, 2 board, 1 iron

Favourite Training session: Swimming

Favourite Engine Product (and why)

My favourite Engine product would have to be the Iron Jammers as they make you feel extra race ready, and the club cuts for their comfort.

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport: Surfing for sure, I love having a good weekend surfing with my friends when the waves are firing!!!

Best Advise you have received: My best advice I have received would be “Go hard and no excuses” My Dad told me this when I was younger and I had it written on all my nipper boards so I was always reminded mid race when things got tough to keep going.

Mentors: Tj Hendy and Ali Day

Favourite Quote: “Champions train, Losers complain”


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