Hannah Schmidt

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Club: Bayside Swimming Club/ Mentone LSC


Pool: Tim Mulvihill

Surf: Aaron Hamstead & Joel Simondson

Instagram Handle: @hannah_schmidt__

Favourite Event: 200m freestyle, 200m IM, Surf race and Taplin

Personal Best Results:


  • Placing 8th in the 200 freestyle and 200 IM at the 2018 Australian Age Championships 2018
  • Being a multiple state medallist in both Freestyle and IM at Victorian Age Championships


  • Placing 5th in the U/15 Surf Race at Aussies in 2017
  • Being selected as an U/17 for the Victorian Interstate Team
  • Placing 2nd in the U/17 Iron and open surf race, and winning the U/17 surf race at the Victorian State Championships

Goals for this Season:


  • Be selected for the Victorian SC state team
  • Continue to medal at a state level in both freestyle and IM events
  • Medal at Age Nationals in the 200 freestyle


  • Be selected for the Victorian Interstate Team in January 2019
  • To win the U/17 and Open surf race, and medal in the U/17 Iron woman
  • To place in the top 5 in the Surf race at Aussies

Long Term Goal:

To make an Australian team in both pool and surf.

Weekly Training Schedule:

Monday am – Swim

Tuesday pm – Gym/Swim

Wednesday am – Swim

Wednesday pm – Run

Thursday am – Swim

Thursday pm – Pilates/Swim

Friday am – Swim

Friday pm - Swim

Saturday am – Swim

Sunday – Board

Favourite Training session:

My favourite training sessions are best average sets. I love pushing my limits, and testing myself to see what times I can hold. Also I love to race so these sets are always a good opportunity to race my teammates.

Favourite Engine Product (and why):

Weapon goggles. They are super comfy and great in both the pool and surf. Also, you can never have too many pairs of goggles.

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport:

Reading, singing in the shower, and walking my dog

Best Advice you have received:

You don’t have to be the biggest, or the strongest to be the fastest. You just have to want it more, and out work everyone.

Mentors: Gary Simondson, Tim Mulvihill, Clint Robinson and Harriet Brown

Favourite Quote: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”- Tim Notke


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