Jack Carr

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Club: Northcote Swimming Club.

Coach: Ashley Delaney.

Instagram Handle: Jack.carr__

Favourite Event: 100 Backstroke.

Personal Best Results: Medal in 100 back and finalist in 200 back at Age nationals. State teams for two years. Dual gold medallist at State age.

Goals for this Season: Make state teams for the last time. Medal multiple times at State Short Course and Long Course. Medal at Age Nationals.

Long Term Goal: Represent Australia at Commonwealth and Olympic level.

Weekly Training Schedule:

Monday morning- swim                                      Monday night- swim

Tuesday morning- gym then swim                    Tuesday night- swim

Wednesday night- swim

Thursday morning- gym then swim                  Thursday night- swim

Friday morning- swim

Saturday morning- swim

Favourite Training session: Monday night.

Favourite Engine Product (and why) Backpack and active wear.

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport: Socialising.

Best Advise you have received: Trust the process.

Mentors: Ash(Delaney) and my parents.

Favourite Quote: “If you want to be the best, you have to do things other people aren’t willing to do.”


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