James Kosh

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 Club: Shelly Beach Surf Club & Mingara Aquatic Swimming Club

Coach: Tom Simpson & Stephen Critoph

Instagram Handle: jimmykochhh

Favourite Event: 100m/200m freestyle                        Surf swim/ironman

Personal Best Results: Aussies 2017 1st u/19s 2km ocean swim.

Goals for this Season: Adelaide worlds. Looking to be competitive in the open category throughout the whole season.

Long Term Goal: Swimming national finals in the pool. Aussies surf swim gold.

Weekly Training Schedule: ATM: 8 swim, 2 gym, 2 craft

Favourite Training session: Any board/ski sessions.

Favourite Engine Product (and why): Really enjoying the Wingskin pro racing suits. They are simple and comfortable when racing in the pool and I have been doing some great times with them.

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport: Video games. Love a good coffee.

Best Advise you have received: Don’t be concerned about what everyone else is doing and focus on yourself.

Mentors: Trevor Roberts, Tom Simpson, Stephen Critoph, Allison Koch (mum)

Favourite Quote: “If you are afraid of failure you don’t deserve to be successful” Charles Barkley.


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