Jamie Bayliss

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Club: Albany Creek Swim Club                     

Coach: Richard Sleight

Instagram Handle: jamiebayliss_       

Favourite Event: 100 metre Butterfly

Personal Best Results: Two National Age Medals 2018

Goals for this Season: To achieve personal bests and be successful in making QLD State Teams

Long Term Goal: Represent Australia. US College Swim Scholarship.

Weekly Training Schedule: Twice Monday, Once Tuesday, Twice Wednesday, Once Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday off.

Favourite Training session: Monday morning as it is speed orientated

Favourite Engine Product (and why) C6 race togs because they are tight and comfortable

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport: XBOX. Beach activities

Best Advise you have received: Pain doesn’t last a lifetime.

Mentors: Richard Sleight

Favourite Quote: “It always seems impossible until its done”


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