Joel Piper

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 Club:   Newport SLSC         Carlile Swim Team

Coach: Trent Herring Newport Swim Team   (Justin Rothwell Swim Coach)

Instagram Handle:  joel_piper

Favourite Event: Board Race and All team events

Personal Best Results:

  • Gold in Board race and Ironman at Aussies 2018
  • 7 x State Gold Medals at NSW SLS with my 3rd straight ironman state title
  • 7 x Australian Pool rescue medallist with 2 Aust records
  • Interbanch and NSW Youth Pathway Cup representative

Goals for this Season: Win 4th ironman NSW state title and to win the Swim, Board and Iron at Aussies.

Long Term Goal: To make the nutrigrain ocen6 series final as a second year 17 and to win gold at the World Lifesaving Championships. Also would love top make the Olympics in 2028!

Weekly Training Schedule: 6 swim sessions and 2 board sessions

Favourite Training session: indoor pool morning sessions

Favourite Engine Product (and why) Weapon goggles as they block out the sun and make it easier to see and they are very comfortable for both racing and training.

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport: Surfing

Best Advise you have received: All good athletes have to have the ability to change.

Mentors: My family and my coaches

Favourite Quote: ‘Realise without losing, winning isn’t so great” – Alyssa Milano


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