Jy Timperley

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Club: Currumbin Vikings

Coach: Michael King

Favourite Event: Ironman, Ski, Board

Personal Best Results: 2 x 2nd (2015 & 2016) Aussie Under 17 Ironman

Major Achievements: 2016-17 Ist Qld Under 19 Ironman, Ist Under19 Murphy Builders Ironman and 1st Under19 Board Relay Aussies

Short Term Goal: Under 19 Coolangatta Gold Champion

Long Term Goal: Under19 Qld & Australian Under 19 Ironman Champion

Weekly Training Program: Swim 4 sessions, Ski 3 sessions, Board 3 sessions, Run 4 sessions, Gym 2 sessions, Iron 1 session

Favourite Engine Product (and why): Club cuts, I like them because they are comfortable.

Favourite thing to do outside of your sport: Surfing and camping

Best Advise you have received: Green and White is always right - Jayden Erskine

Mentors: Seth Merrett, Scott McCartney, Ben Carberry and Michael Bryant.

Favourite Quote: Rewards come from hard work.



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