Lachlan Braddish

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Club: Umina Surf Club & Woy Woy Swim Club

Coach:Trevor Gee & Graeme Carroll

Instagram Handle: lachlaanbraddish

Favourite Event:Ironman, 400m free & Super Life Saver

Personal Best Results: Aussies 2017 –u15 Ironman & Surf race champion, Australian Royal Life Saving Pool Rescue Athlete of the meet 2017, 1500m /400m National Qualifier 2018.

Goals for this Season: Qualify for a World Rescue final in surf & Pool Rescue

Selection for NSW Pool Rescue & Surf teams, top 3 placings at Aussies 2019.

Long Term Goal: Keep being competitive in Surf Life Saving and Pool Life saving , selection for future Australian teams, promote Engine products.

Weekly Training Schedule: Most mornings 2hr swim squad training, Afternoons-board & ski/kayak training sessions & crossfit once a week.

Favourite Training session: Board and swim aerobic sessions

Favourite Engine Product (and why) -Training swimmers because they are comfortable.

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport: Watching movies, hanging with friends

Best Advise you have received: Always try your hardest and don’t be afraid of failure.

Mentors: Dad

Favourite Quote: You can’t win unless you learn how to lose.


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