Maddy Dunn

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Club: BMD Northcliffe 

Coach: Naomi Flood  

Instagram Handle: @madeline_dunn

Favourite Event: Nutrgrain Ironwomen Series – I love racing in the Iron because every race you do is different. Either being differentconditions, formats and competitors. 

Personal Best Results: 

  • Placing 1st in two rounds of the Nutrigrain Ironwomen series 
  • 1st overall Ocean 6 swim series 2017/18 
  • 4th Coolangatta 2015  
  • Competing for Australia 

Goals for this Season: My goals for this season are to place top 3 in the Coolangatta Gold. Win worlds, Australian and Nutrigrain Ironwomen

Long Term Goal:My long-term goal is to take out the overall Nutrigrain Ironwomen Series, Win the Coolangatta Gold and Win Mololai2Oahu 

Weekly Training Schedule:

  • Swim Monday – Friday mornings  
  • Board train tuesday and Thursday afternoons  
  • Ski train Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons  
  • Gym tuesday and thursday mornings  
  • Iron sessions wednesday and saturday mornings  
  • Run 4 times a week (track monday and friday mornings) 

Favourite Training session:My favourite training session would be board because I love board paddling and catching waves. 

Favourite Engine Product (and why): My favourite Engine Product would have to be the togs they are comfortable to train in either ski paddling, board paddling and swimming. 

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport:Surfing 

Best Advise you have received:If you don’t succeed try again 

Favourite Quote: Improvise adapt overcome  


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