Marcus Bird

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Club: Ocean Grove SLSC

Coach: Sonia Kinsey

Instagram Handle:  marcusbird_

Favourite Event: Board and Iron

Personal Best Results: Victorian Nipper of the Year 2017/18,

Life Saving Victoria Water Champion for 2017 & 2018

Finalist in Swim & Board event at Aussies 2018

Goals for this Season: At Aussies 2019, to place in Top 6 for the Board, and to Final in Swim and Iron

Long Term Goal:  To medal at an Aussies and to see how far I can take my Surf Lifesaving career

Weekly Training Schedule:  4 Morning Swims, 4 Board Sessions, 3 Runs, 2 Iron Sessions and 1 Gym Session

Favourite Training session: Iron Training

Favourite Engine Product (and why): Iron Jammers for competing as they are comfortable for racing, and the Deck Coat for after training and in between events… its cold in Victoria!

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport: Kite Surfing when the wind is blowing and Rugby Union over the Winter

Best Advise you have received: Anyone can train when it’s easy, but it’s the hard hours that count

Mentors: My Mum and Dad for always supporting me, and my coach Sonia for the amount of time she dedicates to my training , and for believing in me

Favourite Quote:  “The only easy day was yesterday”


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