Mikki Williams

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Club: Alex Headland

Coach: Jack Hansen and Janelle Pallister

Instagram Handle: mikkiwilliamss

Favourite Event: Iron

Personal Best Results:

Australian champion – Double ski

10 podium finishes at state titles

Goals for this Season:

Medal at Aussies

Make a final at worlds

Long Term Goal: Debut in Nutri-Grain series

Weekly Training Schedule:

Ski x3

Board x2

Swim x3

Run x3

Gym x2

Iron x2

Favourite Training session: Board

Favourite Engine Product (and why)

My favourite engine product is my spray jacket because I can wear it anywhere anytime and it’s super light and easy to carry

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport: Having a picnic on the beach with my friends

Best Advise you have received: “You’re an eagle so stop hanging with the turkey’s who wont let you fly”

Mentors: Jack Hansen, Janelle Pallister, Katrina Egan, Mum & Dad

Favourite Quote: “Look like a beauty, train like a beast”


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