Mitch Allum

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Club: Wanda

Coach: Nathan Smith, Craig Stevens, Daniel Neilson

Instagram Handle: Instagram: mitchallum

Facebook: Mitchell Allum

Favourite Event: Ironman

Personal Best Results: Qualifying for the Nutrigrain series, Winning State board championship

Goals for this Season:

  • Podium finish in the Coolangatta gold
  • Podium finish in Nutrigrain series
  • Win state ironman and podium for Australian titles ironman

Long Term Goal:

  • Win Coolangatta gold
  • Win Nutrigrain round

Weekly Training Schedule: 2 ironman, 5 Swims, 2 boards, 2 ski, 2 runs and a gym session

Favourite Training session: Board training when the surf is on

Favourite Engine Product (and why) The Iron Jammer’s would have to be my favourite. When you put them on you know its time to race.

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport: Surfing or anything close to the water.

Best Advise you have received: Give 100% in everything you do in life.

Mentors: My biggest role model would have to be Nathan Smith as I have trained with him for most of my surf life saving career, one person everyone looks up to.

Favourite Quote: Never put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.


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