Noah Harvard

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Club: North Bondi SLSC

Coach: Jim Walker

Instagram Handle: noah_havard

Favourite Event: Double Ski

Personal Best Results: 2018 Australian SLS Titles 5 Gold medals

  • U/17 Single Ski
  • U/17 Ski Relay
  • U/17 Taplin Relay
  • U/19 Ski Relay
  • U/19 Double Ski

Goals for this Season:

  • Win an Open Single Ski event at one of the Ocean 6 events
  • Win State Open single ski
  • Australian u/19 Single Ski champ

Long Term Goal: Australian Open Single Ski champ

Weekly Training Schedule:

Monday – Flat water ski paddling à Surf paddling (ins/outs and starts)

Tuesday – Flat water ski paddling à Gym + Fitness

Wednesday – Surf paddling (ins/outs and starts)

Thursday – Flat water ski paddling à Gym à Swimming

Friday – Flat water ski paddling à Double Ski paddling

Saturday – Paddle backs in winter and single ski racing during summer

Favourite Training session: Ski starts out past the break in big surf!

Favourite Engine Product (and why): Maroon Club cut swimmers – Comfy and very durable

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport: Free diving

Best Advise you have received: Its hard to be good, if it were easy everyone would be doing it!

Mentors: Jim Walker, Scott Thomson, Clint Robinson

Favourite Quote: “Go out as hard as I can until I break them or they break me”


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