Olivia May

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Club: Hampton Lifesaving Club

Coach: Kate Walker on sand and Priscilla on track

Instagram Handle: @_omay

Favourite Event: Beach Relay

Personal Best Results: 2nd in open sprint and takingout #1 at states with my team mates

Goals for this Season: Make final at Aussies

Long Term Goal: compete at worlds and make an open final at Aussies

Favourite Training session: Netball x5, Track x2, Sand x2 and Gym 2-4

Favourite Engine Product (and why):  Two piece woman's bathers: Best quality and perfect fit.

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport: Hanging out with friends and going to the beach

Best Advise you have received: Listen to your body

Mentors: All my friends and family

Favourite Quote: 'The only thing stopping you is yourself'


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