Xanthe Christopher

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Club: North Bondi

Coach: Scotty Thomson

Instagram Handle: @xanthe_christopher

Favourite Event: Board & Board Rescue

Personal Best Results: State 2018 – 2nd in board, Aussies 2018 – 1st in board rescue, 1st in Cameron relay, 3rd in board relay, Aussies 2017 2nd board.

Goals for this Season: Make the Sydney Branch team, make the State and Aussie board finals, make an open board final.

Long Term Goal: Compete well & consistently in the Ocean 6 series, improve my surf skills on the ski.

Weekly Training Schedule: Swimming in the morning – a mix of ironman changeovers/ gym & running / board & ski in the afternoon.

Favourite Training session: Ironman Changeovers

Favourite Engine Product (and why): Backpack because it is large and durable, and fits everything I need.

Favourite activity/hobby outside of your sport: Going to the beach with friends and touch football.

Best Advise you have received: It’s not over until you cross the line.

Mentors: Scotty Thomson, Lizzie Welborn, Jim Walker.

Favourite Quote: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.


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