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Whether you’re a professional athlete or leisure swimmer, ENGINE’s swimming caps are perfectly suited to anyone.  Made from premium quality silicone material, ENGINE swimming caps are comfortable, silky and painless to put on and off with no hair pulling or tugging on the skin. ENGINE swim caps are versatile – They can be worn for competitions, training by both pool and surf athletes

Best swimming cap to protect hair from chlorine

Made from the best quality silicone, our ergonomically designed swim caps have amazing stretch, fit around your head nicely and protect your hair from chlorine while keeping your hair dry. With comfort curved edges, our swimming caps are the best swim caps that are firm / tight and streamlined to help you swim faster in the pool or sea.

Kids Swimming Caps

ENGINE kids swimming caps are made of latex-free silicone and are very easy to take off without snagging hair and irritating your kids. Whatever the choice of colour your kid has, we are sure you will find that we have it. Our swim caps are best for kids considering that they are made to endure the test of times and resistant to tearing.

Made to fit heads of all sizes and at an affordable price, our silicone swim caps are the ideal everyday swim cap for everyone - women, men and toddlers. With a range of colours to choose from and a reversible style option, you are spoiled for choice.

Comfortable swimming caps

If you are not into competitive swimming and if comfort and leisurewear is your number one priority, the Fusion swim cap is your new best friend. Made from a blend of Nylon and Silicone, this cap is thicker and softer than a regular swim cap, making it a dream to wear. Suitable for men and women, adults and children, this swim cap has great elasticity and has no deformation. Like our other swimming caps, the Fusion swim cap is extremely durable and resistant to tearing.

Australian swimming caps for Olympics

We are a leading competitive swimwear brand in Australia when it comes to performance swimming. ENGINE swimming caps are manufactured considering the highest level of hydrodynamics and need for speed required by Olympians and professional swimmers. ENGINE Dome racing swim cap is designed for elite swimmers. Moulding seamlessly around the skull, this premium quality racing swim cap reduces drag and resistance in the water to enable ultimate speed and performance.


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