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ENGINE delivers a wide selection of swimming goggles ranging from high performance racing goggles through to comfortable swimming goggles for kids. With a focus on all things water, ENGINE goggles are designed for both pool training and performance as well as ocean swimming and surf sports.

Every ENGINE swimming goggle is made from super soft silicone, with anti-fog lenses and offers UV protection. ENGINE swimming goggles are designed to mould the eye to prevent water leaking and fogging, allowing for superior vision and comfort. Offering both one-piece and two-piece goggle styles in a range of sizes, ENGINE caters to different face-shapes and goggle preferences.

Kids Swimming Goggles

ENGINE childrens swimming goggles are perfect for casual swimming in the pool, swimming lessons and days at the beach for babies through to 8 year olds. In brightly coloured designs with easy to adjust straps and soft nose-bridges, ENGINE childrens goggles ensure swimming is comfortable, fun and safe for kids.

Our goggles fit comfortably and are modernly designed with anti-fog technology, no leakage and more reliable suction to the face. Like our other swimming goggles, our children swimming goggles are also fully UV protected - allowing for use outdoors.

Racing Goggles

Our racing goggles provide our athletes and any competitive swimmers with clear in-water vision and create minimum drag. While we understand that every swimmer has a slightly different requirement, we are sure that you will find your fit from our wide range of racing goggles. Whether you are buying swimming goggles for the pool or open water events - we will assist you in finding your perfect pair. Our swimming goggles are very hydrodynamic, contain lens with anti-fog coating, cut down glare, have adjustable silicone straps, amongst other features that make them the best on the market. 

Designed for comfortability, durability and vision with larger eye-pieces and flexible integrated nose-bridges, ENGINE open water goggles are soft on the face and allow for a wide field of view. Clear, tinted or mirrored lenses provide swimmers with the option of sun glare protection.

ENGINE racing goggles are compactly designed to allow for speed and performance for bigger kids through to adults. Made from super soft liquid silicone, ENGINE performance goggles mould deeply into the eye-socket to stay in place whilst swimming. All performance goggles come with spare nose-pieces of varying lengths and a spare strap.

Swimming goggles for adults - Men & Women

Our swimming goggles for adult are unisex - perfectly suited for both men and women and are tuned for peak performance. Whether you’re an ocean swimmer, nipper, surf athlete, triathlete or you swim leisurely - you will find a pair of ENGINE open water swimming goggles for you. Our swimming goggles are available in a wide range of colours and design - that will fit into your aesthetic and facial requirement no matter what your gender is. Our adult swimming goggle range includes goggles optimised for open water and pool performance.


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