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As one of the leading Australian brands in competitive swimming performance wear, our understanding of the diverse range of swimming training equipment that competitive swimmers and athletes need to improve their performance is better than anyone. Whether you’re looking to improve your swimming technique or your stroke efficiency, ENGINE has all the necessary equipment to assist. Our swimming training equipment is designed specifically to assist in stroke correction and performance enhancement:

Swimming Hand Paddles

Every competitive swimmer has a pair or two of swimming hand paddles in their training bag. Proper use of ENGINE swimming hand paddles makes you perform harder during training by creating extra resistance that strengthens your arms and upper body strength, improve stroke technique (predominately the catch position) and ultimately performance. ENGINE swimming hand paddles are lightweight and come in 3 sizes for all age and performance levels. For easy storing they are best kept in your swimming bags.

ENGINE Swim Parachutes

For a professional, competitive swimmer, swim parachutes are a must in training. ENGINE swim parachutes are designed for ease of use and providing the perfect level of resistance expected during swim parachute training. With an adjustable nylon cord and belt, the 8-inch parachute is the perfect choice for medium drag in the pool.

No matter whether you are an amateur or a professional, ENGINE swim parachute is made to help you on your journey to becoming a competitive swimmer. This lightweight and fast-drying set are ideal for you to carry in your bag anywhere and speed up your performance by maximising your endurance workout in the pool. It is versatile and designed to be compatible with kicking and flip turns and to be non-intrusive while you practice any of the strokes you want.

ENGINE Swimming Snorkel

The ENGINE swimming snorkel is an ideal front-facing curved snorkel that aids competitive and amateur swimmers to try various strokes including freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly or even kicking and balance drills. It is effective in balancing strokes as it distributes workload across the shoulders and helps swimmers avoid ‘swimmer’s shoulders’. The front snorkel allows swimmers to place more focus on their swimming technique by removing the side breathing part of the stroke

The ENGINE swimming snorkel is ideal for both open sea and swimming pool training. Its curved snorkel tube avoids water getting in and its one-way purge valve also prevents water intrusion; stopping the water from getting into the swimmer’s mouth. Along with that, it helps swimmers keep their head straight and have a straight body line in the water during training. This snorkel goes well with the ENGINE swimming kickboard too.

ENGINE Swimming Towels

The ENGINE swimming towels are super lightweight and fast-drying swimming accessories that are a must for competitive swimmers - designed with greater soaking capacity and ultra fast drying. Our microfiber towels are the best for competitive swimmers with their quick drying ability that allows them to hold less water, making them ideal for carrying in your swimming bag.

The Micro Towels wrap up small but are capable of completing a total dry off of the athlete. The size is also big enough to do the often necessary ‘deck change’

ENGINE Foam Rollers

Stretch and unwind with ENGINE’s premium Foam Roller. Our Foam Rollers are designed and structured to aid in the fast recovery of competitive swimmers’ muscles.  Designed with the special rollout knots and tight spots, they are great for Self Myofascial Relieve (SMR) — the easiest and most effective self-massage tool to help your muscles regain elasticity and return to normalcy after a hard workout.

Available in black and orange, ENGINE Foam Rollers are a great alternative to post-workout stretching after repeated and tiring swimming sessions at the pool. Along with helping to improve blood flow to cramped or fatigued muscles, foam rollers aid in lengthening muscles that lead to lesser shoulder pain and injury - and keeping you out of the medical room.

ENGINE Swimming Kickboards

Swimming kickboards are an integral part of your training kit for swimmers at all levels. ENGINE swimming kickboards one of the best swimming aids that help you in developing stronger kicking motion while maintaining a good body position in the water.

If used strategically, the universally sized soft foam ENGINE Kickboard helps you isolate and train your legs for improved kicking performance and ultimately speed. The ENGINE Kickboards are very durable and will last you many seasons. Available in black, yellow and red, they are popular amongst kids and adults alike for training.

ENGINE Water Bottles

The ENGINE water bottles are ergonomically designed for individual training at the pool or workouts at the gym. With a comfortable grip for your hand and a large valve that allows fast filling of water - they are an essential training aid to keep you hydrated in style. The bottle is a large 1 Litre which will help you get through the most gruelling training sessions. Available in a wide range of colours, choose your own ENGINE water bottle here!


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